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Fox Meets Owl partners closely with boards, CEOs and high-level teams to inspire positive, lasting change.

Inspirational leaders all have a bit of Fox and Owl about them. Where the Fox intuitively understands itself and others, the Owl is analytical, keen on facts and data.

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The Fox is full of curiosity about what makes others tick and how to bring out the best in them. The Owl’s insights, built on rigorous assessment and reflection, help great leaders achieve direction and purpose.

As experienced coaches and strategic advisors, Fox Meets Owl helps you navigate a world of rising demands and complexity. Together, we explore your inner landscape in a confidential space, encouraging growth and strength. Armed with the latest insights from science, you’ll be ready to unleash your full potential.


Leaders are made, not born. Where deep personal honesty blends with behavioural science, positive growth and impact follow.


Leading with intuition starts with the courage to follow one’s heart. Add a prepared mind and disciplined hand and anything is possible.


Inspiring leaders to relate and connect with people, unleashing them to deliver extraordinary results.

360 Degrees

Rooted in authenticity and a steadfast grasp of reality, strong leaders perceive the whole, not just the parts. Where others see challenge, they see opportunity.


Asking open-ended questions powers the engine of innovation. With empathy leaders and their teams fire on all cylinders.


Insight requires the ability to distil signal from noise. Recognising patterns in this signal, leaders with foresight prepare for what’s ahead.


Excellence does not result from fixing weaknesses. Resilient leaders leverage their signature strengths and seek out others with complimentary ones.

I enjoyed working with Ana. Her questions, her counsel, and her humour helped me embrace change and growth in a world of complexity.

Moid Mohammed

Partner, McKinsey

Coach Perspective
Client Perspective

‘Unfiltered’ eschews accepted norms and opens the sacred doors that shield the confidential coaching space. Client and coach candidly share their real-life process and let the reader discover what works (and what doesn’t!). ‘Unfiltered’ equally offers practical tips and tools that can accelerate your own growth and development, as a person and as a leader.
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Some clients seek me out because they appreciate my academic background or my twin training in business and psychology. They also value that I am a master-certified coach with over two decades of professional experience. However, what’s most relevant is a genuine connection between client and coach. This is where positive change accelerates and lasts.

We are fellow travellers as we seek to understand your thoughts and concerns.  I deeply care to support your goals and aspirations. And I ask questions that will stretch you. Any challenges are opportunities to evolve and grow. I do believe ability is not set in stone. We all can become better versions of ourselves, all life long.

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I would always trust Ana with important career questions.

Patrick Alberts

Chief Product Officer, Xing

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