Taming your Gremlin

Rick Carson has written this beautiful introduction how to master negative self-talk.

He calls the inner voice that criticizes you and that makes your life less enjoyable than it could be your ‘gremlin’. The book is written as a narrative, and for the first half I was not sure what to make of it, it seemed to have no structure, no red line to follow. Yes, my inner ‘gremlin’ was telling me “stop, this is a waste of your time, you need to read serious literature and really learn how you can manage the inner critic systematically”. Yet, the author must have known as he writes “ The natural you understands the essence of my words. Your mind is busy making sense of them. Your gremlin, meanwhile, is gnashing his teeth and screeching something like ‘This is ridiculous!’” So I read on, and it all came together, made sense and taught me a lot about how to work on taming my own gremlins. Go on, start taming your inner critic by picking up this read.