Working for fun: a different logic for profits

  • How would you like to come to work every day and find an open door to the CEO whenever you need it?
  • Would you enjoy working out during the day in an on-site 66,ooo square foot fitness center?
  • How about being with a firm that positively reacts to economic down turns and as a result does not lay off anyone?
  • What would you say if you had on-site childcare and a summer camp for your kids all lined up?
  • Do you enjoy a healthy salary and compensation package?
  • What would it mean to you if you knew that the company has made a ‘no asshole’ rule part of its rigorous interviewing process for new talent?
  • How would you feel if you knew that you could devote 20 percent of your time at work to developing new ideas independent of your current role?
  • Are you interested in training programs at your employers in-house university and training center?
  • Ever thought of taking a paid two month sabbatical?
  • How about receiving a retention bonus equal to 40 percent of your annual salary?

As if Dr. Goodnight is not already a great name for a CEO…the highly profitable software company SAS topped Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to work for‘  in 2010, but not because of its returns, but rather as a result of making its employees happy to come to work. Some characteristics that the top 100 firms share: transparency and open lines of communication, empowering employees, fostering innovation and a sense of ownership, supporting a healthy work-home balance, and appreciating performance both in monetary and non-monetary forms. Check out these companies – if you do not already work for one of them and are interested in a professional change, start your networking today!