You are 99 years old and on your death bed. All of the sudden you have a chance to go back to…

…right now. what would you [your name goes here] do?

This is the question that changed everything for Jerome Jarre. Feeling lost and unhappy with life he has an epiphany: life is about living at your full potential, getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself everyday. Today Jerome Jarre is no longer the homeless school dropout but a successful social media star, video producer, and storyteller who is invited on the Ellen DeGeneres show and has over 8 million followers on Vine. How did this happen? Jerome Jarre took risks most of us are not prepared to take. We may want to have this option of charting an exciting, meaningful journey through life. Often, however, when we come to this juncture in our conversation, my clients tell me that they’re deadlocked, held up, controlled by circumstance.  They feel they are at an impasse because they’ve learned not to grasp – or even see – the opportunities that lead to the fulfillment of their aspirations. And here is the good news: the opportunities are there. And often these opportunities present themselves in small incremental changes that we can make. Part of getting my clients out of the paralysis to act is to help them dip their big toe into the water (and not ask them to jump right in).

So rather than leave a job or a relationship or a life altogether, the next time you face the choice of answering another slew of emails as opposed to going home and watch the dance recital of your daughter, ask yourself: “If I were 99 years old and on my deathbed and all of the sudden I have the chance to go back to right now, what would I do?” Ask yourself this question often enough throughout the day and you will see that these small changes will sum up to a life better lived. Willing to give this a try for a week?