Your networking performance dashboard

The obvious answer is that you enter the interview phase for a position with a company of your choice. But tracking your progress in interim steps can help you make corrections along the way and also keep motivated.

Here are some metrics my clients have found helpful:

  • Number of individuals you brainstorm for your initial list
  • Number of contacts that accept your request to connect
  • Number of additional referrals your contacts offer
  • List of insights you gain in the process (check your contact notes)
  • Number of companies you discover that interest you
  • Number of careers you discover that could be your calling
  • Number of ‘open doors’ that develop (where a contact encourages you to check back after a certain time has passed)

Regardless of which metrics you use, remind yourself that you make this process as fun as possible for yourself. What you learn during this process promises to be of life-long value. Nurture your network on a continuous basis, for that time when you look for a new career or calling next.